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SBTR047 Crowfather - III ( Demo 3)

Published February 17, 2014

Crowfather - III (Demo)

01. An Audience With Baphomet
02. Necro Fukk Doll
03. Vicarus Fili Sathanas

Third and Final Crowfather demo from the Winter 2013-2014 sessions. 
All music and lyrics composed/performed/deformed by Wotan. 2014 Stillborn Twins Records. Full-length due in mid 2014


released 16 February 2014 
Logo created by Nathaniel Cunejo. Layout/design/manipulations by Wotan. All music and lyrics by Wotan 2014 Wolfsbane Moon Music, Ritual Black Music.

Language English


Reviewer: EviticusObscurita - - March 25, 2014
Subject: Best work yet.
Not to discredit this bands past releases, but this really shows the growing maturity of a developing artist. Stylistically different then the other songs, " Nekro Fukk Doll" has more of a raw death metal sound and the drums are quite bare but still do their job keeping everything in tempo. The vocals are very unique, profound and skilled creating a valid example of Raw Black Metal with paradigm Hardcore-Punk guitar riffing.
Reviewer: SBTRecords - - March 12, 2014
Subject: SBT